Universal Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks

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The Universial Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks is a project by the Centre for Communication Systems Research CCSR at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Exploiting Wireless Sensor Networks for areas such as the Internet of Things, Smarter Planet and other fancy domains is the new trend in current research. With the use of sensor/actuator networks, a large amount of low-level devices with limited capabilities have to be integrated into a service based virtual world.

This software can be used to bridge this gap, and abstract from the underlying low-level networks to provide a unified access layer to the sensors and the information they provide.

In future we add more smart capabilities such as Data Aggregation, Semantic Service Provisioning and Knowledge Abstraction.


Research behind the work

There has been some research in line with this software implementation. You can find related papers on the following website Research Page


The software relies on several open-source components (scipy,numpy, mongodb, ....) and will be installed during the setup process.

$ git clone
$ cd ./UMWSN
$ python install
$ python core/

Developers Guide

In the next day we publish a developers guide.